Light and Salvation Outreach Ministries
                         Our History


The Light and Salvation Outreach Church, Inc. was founded by Artis C. and Cassandra M. Crum on January 31, 1996 in Douglasville Georgia. Pastor Crum had a vision to purchase a church located at 8413 Chicago Ave in Douglasville, GA on May 6, 2000. It was from this location that their vision for an outreach ministry began to materialize.

On May 1, 2006, Pastor and Co-Pastor Crum opened (Victorious Kidz Academy) an extended day school providing quality childcare for families living in Douglasville, with a special emphasis on those residents who lived in the under-served Northwest Metro area of the City. This center has enriched numerous children by providing excellent childcare, spiritual enrichment, and quality education.  For more information on the day school and its admissions and enrollment opportunities visit them at

The growing membership of Light and Salvation Outreach Church comes with the new vision to building its new church edifice and family life center. This new location will be directly across the street from Victorious Kidz Academy. This will allow Light and Salvation to continue to minister to our young children as well as the adults, support the needs of families requiring caring day school services for their children, and expand the worship experience and ministries currently offered on a weekly basis.


Our weekly services, Christian Training Series, Ministries and Auxiliaries will allow Light and Salvation Outreach Church to support God’s Plan for His people every day.  Our Pastor and Co-Pastor’s vision for the outreach ministry has begun to manifest itself in many ways.  Come join us in making this journey and sharing in this vision.  We know the Lord will enrich your lives beyond your imagination, because once you enter into our doors, you will never leave the same.

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