Light and Salvation Outreach Ministries
Every week every man, woman and child is needed to support the inner workings of the church.  Whether it’s through worship service support, or in other ways, when our doors open we have Auxiliaries that are here to serve you.  If you are a local church member and want to get involved in the church or in service to the community, there are many ways to do that:

Hospitality Committee
Whenever someone visits our Church for a special event, you can be assured the Hospitality Committee was involved.  There are kitchen facilities to manage, preparation and set up, as well as other services the Hospitality Committee provides when we have guests or have church-sponsored programming requiring special care.  We rely upon them to give our guests the best we have to offer so that their experience with us was memorable and rewarding.

Building Fund Committee 
The dedication of these members will prove invaluable to both the church and community for many years to come.  Developing fundraising programs and meeting and greeting potential givers can sometimes be a difficult task.  The belief that you are performing God’s work in accordance with His will motivates this Committee every week to continue pressing forward.  Look forward to receiving information about activities that will go toward the support of the
Building Fund in the coming months.

Ushers and Greeters 
Meeting and greeting worshipers on Sunday mornings, and supporting the worship experience is the responsibility of our Ushers and Greeters.  Receiving our visitors in a loving and Christian manner, encourages them to return to visit with us again.  We are blessed to have kind and caring members on this team as they are the first face of Light and Salvation Outreach church.

Pastor’s Aid Society  
We are thankful to have committed and dedicated Founders in Pastor Artis and Co-Pastor Crum.  Because we value them, we know there are times when they require spiritual nourishment, support and recognition for the outstanding job they are doing in developing the overall ministry of the church.  The Pastor’s Aid Society provides them with that support, whether accompanying them on speaking engagements, or making sure special requests of members of the church or community are carried out.

God’s Chosen Few (Men’s Ensemble)/Voices of Praise 
Even though this group is part of the Music Ministry, it is also an Auxiliary of the church and provides a much needed service during the worship experience.  Anyone who is interested in becoming part of the Voices of Praise or God’s Chosen Few is encouraged to attend weekly rehearsals.  These groups not only sing during worship service but also accompany the Pastor on speaking engagements to other churches.  We’d love to have you.  Your voice is God’s gift to you; what you do with your voice is your gift to Him.

The Missionary Society 
There are many people in our community who are hungry, homeless, and need help.  Through our Missionary Society, we go out into the local and international community to see where we can be of service.  If God has placed it on your heart to help others, then The Missionary Society would love to have you.

Children’s Church
Prior to the Message being given at Sunday Service, we break for Children Church.  It is at this time that the message is given to children in terms they can understand.  Our Children’s Church is growing, and we need individuals with patience and good interpersonal skills to teach and assist during this segment of the worship experience.  Our children need committed Christian examples in order to grow and develop into the Christian leaders of tomorrow.  If you are interested, we’d love to have you.
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