Light and Salvation Outreach Ministries

There are many ministries in the church where you can serve and participate.  It is through our ministries that you can begin to develop Christian associations with other members and cultivate lasting relationships based on God’s word.  We welcome you to come out and join in wherever you think you can serve.  All help is needed in responding to the needs of the community.  We are sure there is a place for each and every one of you to have an impact.



The Book Store

    Our Book Store is located at our current temporary site.  We offer a variety of Christian books and materials for studying God’s word, as well as other Christian based products.  You are free to visit us at anytime during the hours of 8am to 7pm Monday through Friday, and on Sundays before and after Church services. 



Prayer Intercessors

    We are devoted to helping every person that has a need.  Our community of residents has many challenges to face.  Some challenges are more difficult than others.  We want you to know that we care and God cares.  If you need prayer our Prayer Intercessors are prepared to stand before God appealing for His mercy on your behalf.  These spiritually led men and women are prayer warriors whose purpose it is to drive back the forces of evil and advance the Kingdom of God.



The Music Ministry

   The Worship experience at Light and Salvation Outreach Church is made more powerful by the music provided by our anointed Voices of Praise and Worship Team and God’s Chosen Few Men’s Ensemble.  Our young voices conduct the music ministry once a month, and welcome all teen members to participate.  We have a full complement of talented musicians that accompany our singers every week.  The gift of song is a God pleasing form of praise that invokes the manifested presence of God during services.  Music in the worship experience has always played a pivotal role in preparing the hearts and minds of believers to receive the Word of God. 




Performing Arts Ministry

  The performing arts ministry includes dance, visual and film production in enhancing the worship experience.  Each facet of the performing arts ministry is linked in part to the music ministry and promotes spiritual connections from the performer, audience and God.  This truly inspiring facet of the worship experience broadens the scope of participation to our young members, who strengthen their creative traits and their relationship with God through their unique spiritual interpretations.



Children and Youth Ministry

   One of the most important ministries we have is devoted to Children and Youth.  It is critical for us at Light and Salvation Outreach Church, to teach the Word of God in ways that children understand.  Teaching the Bible using arts and crafts, interactive Bible stories and other activities that make it interesting to learn about God and His plan for them, will only serve to make our ministry strong and insure the saving of our young people.  We offer many age appropriate programs such as Children’s Church, Youth Choir and field trips that further the development of their relationship with God.



Women of Excellence

  This ministry fosters a spirit of love and cooperation with women of the church that is unlike any other organization.  Getting together to share in each other’s triumphs and pray about each other’s challenges, is a small facet of what this group does.  Retreats, meaningful discussions, and support for each other on and off the church premises, allows for the intermeshing of ideas that go a long way toward helping each other to discover how to use biblical principles to be better friends, wives, mothers, daughters, and above all Christian women.



Men of Valor

  Experiencing life-changing relationships between men of God for men, can be transforming in guiding men to be more Godly in their hearts and greater disciples for Christ.  This brotherhood of Christian men meet often to get together socially, for prayer, and to support each other in addressing the real issues that affect their everyday living.  The Men of Valor seek ways to help each member discover and develop God’s individual plan for their life.


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